Principal's Message


Asma Ali Al-Toqi

Dear Visitors, 
On behalf of Dorat Al-Khaleej Private School committee, allow me to welcome you all to our website with its new appearance. We are committed to creating a learning environment that is cohesive to the development and success of each student, by working in alliance with the school, parents and community to provide an ideal setting in which our students can learn and grow into responsible citizens who will lead us in the future under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God bless him.


Since the beginning of the school establishment in 2003 we worked hard as a team to build a strong foundation for this educational institution, we are educating today more than 1170 students from kindergarten to grade twelve. 

Our school is progressing with the support of our dedicated and caring staff members, and with the sense of cooperation, collaboration and collective pride which we all experience together, in addition to the positive support of parents, official directors, specialists, and above all the Directorate General of Private Schools in the Ministry of Education. All of these efforts have come together to provide us with a solid foundation for the future.

We strive for academic excellence by having a systematic and continuous partnership between the school, home and community to develop a positive and challenging educational environment for everyone. This website includes important, timely and updated information about the school and other services to encourage strong links with parents so as to further enhance each pupil's education. 

I hope that with hard work and determination, we will continue to experience academic success. We can look forward to a very bright future as a school family.


Asma Ali Al-Toqi