Academic Programmes

The academic programme at our school provides every opportunity for students to reach their full potential. We offer comprehensive and challenging programmes, based on the standards of the British educational system.

Cambridge Primary (CP) is implemented in the school. This programme aids identification of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and progresses students into middle years curricula, such as Cambridge Checkpoint and IGCSE,external benchmark.


CP programme is extended into grades 7 and 8 culminating in Checkpoint testing, set by the University of Cambridge, at the end of grade 8.

Thereafter, in grades 9 and 10, students are taught the IGCSE curriculum, based again on University of Cambridge syllabuses.

The IGCSE Programme is implemented in two years. Students in grade 9 are given the chance to choose subjects taught in these two stages according to the student’s scientific preferences and future university specialization.


Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum for students along with an extensive co-curricular programme of activities. We offer an international and a bilingual Arabic-English education where the curricula of Arabic, Islamic, social studies and life skills follow the syllabus of the Ministry of Education.


Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT and Business Studies curricula are taught in English only and follow a well-balanced British programme.


We also offer a French curriculum for Gr.1– Gr.9 designed for students of different levels and abilities to ensure their development and excellence in all areas.Our school has its own assessment system with high standards approved by the Ministry of Education.


We have focused programmes and academic plans for outstanding, talented and academically disadvataged students, these programmes are cohesive to the development and success of each student according to their abilities and interest. We aim to provide each student with the necessary counsel and support needed to enable him or her to reach their full potential by following advanced methods and techniques in cooperation with academic and psychology specialists in order to enhance students individual abilities and help them grow into responsible and productive citizens who may make a positive contribution to the society.