About the service
The School counsellor provides appropriate psychological services to students that address educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs, either individually or in groups. Working collaboratively with families, school communities and external agencies is integral to the role.

How can the school counsellor help
The Counsellor has a range of skills that enable her to assist students, parents and teachers with issues that can affect the student’s educational progress and adjustment including, for example:

  • learning difficulties
  • behaviour management                                                                                                                         
  • special education services
  • social skills
  • family relationships
  • personal development
  • study skills
  • secondary subject choice and career advise
  • conflict resolution
  • gifted and talented students


This may be achieved by:

  • psycho educational assessment and recommendations for support
  • counselling (individual and group)
  • liaison with community agencies and other professionals
  • consulting with school staff
  • parent liaison parent education and discussion groups
  • mediation and negotiation
  • confidential discussions


How to contact a School Counsellor?
Parents can contact the school counsellor directly through calling on the school's number and to be transferred or by sending

e-mail to