School Buses

Dorat Al-Khaleej School  aims to provide a high quality transportation service for students, we currently own 18 modern buses fitted with seat belts for each student and carry fire extinguishers as well as a first aid kit. Each bus has a driver and bus supervisor who is responsible for the safety of the students on board and to ensure that students remain seated and behave appropriately in the bus. The transportation coordinator oversees all aspects of school bus transportation and follow up with drivers and bus supervisors, he also has a mobile phone number printed on all the buses to enable contact with parents.
The school also organizes safety awareness training sessions for the buses drivers and supervisors to meet the safety standards and ensure the safety of the students during the bus journey.
Buses service various areas within Muscat including North Ghubra, Al-Uthaybah, South Ghubra, Al-Khuwair, Al-Ansab, M.S.Q, Quram, Buwsher, Airport Street, AL Seeb.