Admission Process

Registration for the new academic year at Dorat Al-Khaleej School starts from March of each year for old and new students, considering the following procedures:

Admission age policy for new 1st grade students

Grade 1 - The Child must be five and a half years or above by the first of September as it is concedered the first day of the academic year.


Kindly notice the entry requirements below for admitting a new student:


  • Student’s birth certificate and a copy.
  • A copy of the student’s immunization card.
  • Four passport sized photographs of the student.
  • A copy of parent's identification card or passport.
  • A copy of the residence visa for non-Omanies.
  • Medical form, for all grade (1) students, provided by school to be filled up and stamped by a medical center.
  • Transfer (school leaving) certificate from the previous school for (G2 to G7) students.
  • An up-to-date, official copy of the last school record.
  • Passing Arabic, English and Math evaluation tests.

For further information, please contact the Students’ Affairs Department .