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February 11, 2018
Announcing the Spelling Bee Winners 2018

Announcing the Spelling Bee Winners 2018


(Dorat AL- Khaleej / Main Building)  More than 50 students from grades 5 to 8 competed in the Spelling Bee Competition this year. After an exciting and competitive event, and after 5 rounds of words, the winners were announced.

Congratulations to all the finalists who were very well prepared and so interested in the competition and to the first, second and third place winners for such a great accomplishment!





Grade 5

First Place Winner: Ajmal Ibrahim

Second Place Winner: Salim AL-Mahrooqi

Third Place Winner: Ahmed Mohammed


Grade 6

First Place Winner: Jihad Mansour & Aya AL-Habsi

Second Place Winner: Daad Farokh

Third Place Winner: Sara Hameed


Grade 7

First Place Winner: Reham Yaqoob

Second Place Winner: Jwan Hussein

Third Place Winner: Turki AL-Husaini


Grade 8

First Place Winner: Anfal Saif, Deana Hatem, Fatima AL-Lawati, Meera Talal & Rayan Said

Second Place Winner: Ahmed AL-Akeedi

Third Place Winner: Basma Sali & Natalia Jehad


Note: the competition photos are available in the school’s photo gallery & on all the school’s social media.